5 Ways to Identify Real Leather from Fake Leather

It's always a nice feeling to be able to treat yourself to a real leather wallet, belt or even something more current like a real leather iPhone case or new wallet. The problem is that the counterfeit leather industry is always busy finding new ways to trick people into buying their fake leather products. What we'd like to share with you here today are our 5 best tips for spotting fake leather products.

The Smell Test

Almost everyone in the world can likely recognize the smell that comes from products made from leather. While this smell can be replicated, it's not an easy task to do so and most manufacturers of fake leather goods don't bother to go to that extreme as most of their focus is on creating low cost goods in high volumes. So, while it may seem a bit quirky, the first thing you can do to start deciding if your product is made from real leather is smell it. If it has a cheap plastic smell or smells of rubber or chemicals, it's likely fake.

Real Leather Sticker

This might sound like stating the obvious but unless there's a sticker or an imprint somewhere on the product, or perhaps guarantees included with the product you intend to buy that clearly states it's real leather then you already know you might dealing with a fake. Any product that carries the "Real Leather" sticker needs to be made up of at least 50% genuine leather. Granted a sticker can be faked but never overlook the obvious signs when you're trying to spot artificial leather products.

Check The Seams

Even the highest quality authentic leather products will have somewhat rough edges around the seams and you might even find some imperfections at these points too. This happens because real leather doesn't come with clean edges (due to the nature in which the hides are harvested and processed) so ideally you should be able to feel rough edges in or near the seams of the wallet, belt or boots themselves. Fake leather products are generally made from PVC and are printed in large sheets that stitch together with no imperfections - the more perfect the leather product seems to be the more likely it is to be fake.

Check the Texture

There are two ways to check the texture of the leather to ensure it's real. The first way is to check the surface of the product for skin pores - cows and other animals have skin pores in the same way that humans do, so these pores should be clearly visible on closer inspection. Again a real hide would also have some minor imperfections in the skin from the tanning process whereas fake leather will have a uniform and flawless texture throughout - this is impossible with genuine leather.

You'll also need to check the texture of the leather at the rear side but this is generally only possible where the product has a lining that you can separate with your fingers or an area where in the product's construction, the back of the leather was left exposed. If you can actually pull the lining away from the leather itself (without tearing it obviously) you should be able to feel a rough texture in the case of real leather. In the case of fake leather you'll feel either a smooth fabric texture or something that feels like plastic to the touch.

Too Good Of A Deal To Be True?

Producing genuine leather products takes the work of an artisan and many hours of actual work so if you're getting what are purported to be genuine leather products at 50% or less of what you'd expect to pay in any store then those same leather good are either stolen or fake. Use your common sense and gut instinct - they're part of your physiology for a reason. If it sounds too good to be true then you can be sure it is.

One last note is that real leather will not catch fire when exposed to a naked flame but hopefully you'll never have to take your testing that far!

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How to Choose a Men's Leather Wallet - The Perfect Gift!

Are you in need of a new wallet? Or are you looking for a special gift for a boy friend or family members? There is large range of men's leather wallets out there - in lots of different styles, colours and leathers from a number of luxury or designer brands. Let me talk you through everything you need to know to choose the perfect men's leather wallet...

Men's wallets can be made from many different materials. You've already made one good choice by opting for leather. Leather is not only a very attractive material it is also very durable. If well looked after, a leather wallet can last for years. Furthermore, for some vintage styles, the leather can look even better with age.

Purchasing a new wallet is something that many shoppers have to do on a pretty regular basis. In order to get your hands on the best quality product possible there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Here are few tips for buying a new leather wallet.

So why do many shoppers find themselves purchasing a new wallet on a pretty regular basis? It's simple, because they wear out quickly. This is due to the fact that they endure wear and tear on a daily basis. The wallet is one particular type of fashion item that is used every day, unlike other articles of clothing that may only be worn once a week or once every two weeks.

The point is that the wallet gets shoved into your back pocket, tossed around on your dresser, or shoved in the glove compartment every day because it is one particular item that you need to have on you at all times. This is why many shoppers go through them quite frequently.

Leather Quality

One of the first things that you should look at when making your purchase is the quality of the leather of which the wallet is made of. Is it soft? Does it smell like leather? Does it feel like high quality material? These types of factors will easily elude to the fact of whether or not you are dealing with a quality product. Cheap material can easily be spotted because it does not have the same feel or smell as real leather.


The type of wallet that you prefer is also important when making your purchase. Knowing exactly what you want when shopping will help save you time by not having to sort through the many different possibilities. Your wallet preference might include a bi-fold, tri-fold, or perhaps the booklet style.


When you have identified a few that you think might fit the bill, compare them side by side and identify what you do and don't like about each. Perhaps one style has plastic ID slots and one doesn't. Maybe you don't want the plastic sleeves but would simply rather have built in ID slots. These are the types of things that you can identify when deciding which wallet to purchase.

Purchasing a new wallet, or any type of fashion product for that matter, can be a time consuming task if you haven't got a clue in mind about what kind you want. If you take the time to compare and contrast the different types available, then you will be more likely to buy a leather wallet that you truly like.

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